Public Lecture Event

Paul CaraDonna PhD Defense

Paul CaraDonna's PhD Defense will be held 9-10AM.

Lindsey Sloat PhD Defense - Public Portion

Lindsey Sloat, EEB doctral student, will be presenting the public portion of the oral defense from 9a-10am in Bannister 110.  

Lindsey Sloat PhD Defense: Room Prep

Lindsey Sloat PhD Defense. Set up will begin at 8:30am. Public portion will be from 9am-10am.  

The Gold Throne of Tutankhamun

The “Gold Throne” (Carter object no. 91; Cairo JE 62028) is one of the best-known objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62). It is also one of the more intriguing, since its backrest scene shows clear evidence of having been altered in antiquity. What were the nature and extent of these changes? And what light do they shed on the complexities of the later Amarna Period?

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