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PDF icon Breternitz 1963 Dissertation, Part 1 (i-78).pdf (102.98 MB)
PDF icon Bill to Authorize, Construct and Maintain the Central Arizona Project.pdf (5.59 MB)
PDF icon McGinnies_Continuation of Studies on the Dendrochronology of Bristlecone Pine Research Proposal_1963.pdf (16.05 MB)
PDF icon Bannister, Bryant_Dendrochronology_1963.pdf (17.88 MB)
Ferguson, CW. 1963. Ramifications Of Chronology Building In Bristlecone Pine. Tucson: Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research.
PDF icon Ferguson_Ramifications of Chronology Building in Bristlecone Pine_1963.pdf (14.7 MB)
PDF icon Ferguson_Interim Report on the Dendrochronology of Bristlecone Pine Prior to 4,000 B.C._1966.pdf (2.65 MB)
PDF icon Bannister, Bryant, Dean, Jeffrey, Gell, Elizabeth_Tree Ring Dates from Arizona E Chinle-De Chelly-Red Rock Area_1966.pdf (44.75 MB)
PDF icon Bannister, Bryant, Hannah, John, Robinson, William_Tree-Ring Dates from Arizona K Puerco-Wide Ruin-Ganado Area_1966.pdf (35.85 MB)
PDF icon Bannister, Bryant, Gell, Elizabeth, Hannah, John_Tree Ring Dates from Arizona N-Q Verde-Showlow-St Johns Area_1966.pdf (51.59 MB)
Cunningham, Gary Lynn. 1966. Variation In Water Stress Of Ponderosa Pine. Botony. Botony. University of Arizona.