Alberto Reyes

Visiting Scholar/Haury Fellow

I am interested in developing stratigraphic, geomorphic, and geochemical records of northern climate change and associated earth system impacts. My work and research interests span timescales ranging from millions of years to the last several centuries, with a particular focus on intervals when climate was similar to—or warmer than —today (e.g. Pleistocene interglaciations; early Cenozoic “greenhouse” intervals). As a Haury Fellow in Winter 2023 (Jan; Mar-Apr), I am working with Professor Steve Leavitt to compare late Pliocene, middle Pleistocene, and modern climate at a site in the western Canadian Arctic, using the oxygen isotope composition of wood cellulose. In my regular life, I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at University of Alberta, in Edmonton (Canada).