Rossella Guerrieri

Visiting Scholar/Haury Fellow

I am an Associate Professor at the Dept. Agricultural and Food Sciences (DISTAL), at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna in Italy, where I teach Sustainable Forest Management within the First cycle degree program in Land and agro-forestry Sciences. After earning my PhD at the University of Basilicata in Italy  (in 2007), I had several post-doctoral experiences at the University of Edinburgh in the UK (thanks to the Newton International Fellowship funded by the Royal Society), at the University of New Hampshire in the USA, and at the CREAF in Spain (thanks to the Marie Skłodowska–Curie Fellowship funded by the European Commission), before joining the Forest Ecology group at the UNIBO in 2019. I am a plant physiologist and forest ecologist with broad research interests unified by the goal of better understanding how forest functioning varies in relation to global change drivers (with focus on increasing atmospheric CO2 and nitrogen deposition). One of my expertise is the application of stable carbon, oxygen and nitrogen isotopes in tree rings and other forest samples to elucidate physiological and biogeochemical processes in forest ecosystems. I am the Chair of the recently funded COST Action Joint effects of CLimate Extremes and Atmospheric depositioN on European FORESTs (CLEANFOREST). More about my teaching and research activities here and here. I am very excited and honoured to visit the LTRR within the Haury Fellowship program, to collaborate with Soumaya Belmecheri on a global analysis exploring changes in forest ecophysiology in responses to  global change drivers, with particular reference to increasing atmospheric CO2 and atmospheric deposition (nitrogen and sulphur) by using tree ring isotopes.