Tree-Ring Talk

Tree-ring connections to ecosystem-scale NDVI in the terrestrial Mediterranean

Linking radial tree-growth variables with remotely-sensed terrestrial vegetation indices provides a basis for using tree rings as proxies for ecosystem primary productivity over large space and long time scales.

Tree-Ring Talk to be decided

Due to a reservation for the Exhibit Hall space at the same time, the Tree-Ring Talk has been moved to Bannister 424.

Multi-archives reconstruction of past climate in Europe

We present reconstructions of the climate of the last millennium using grape harvest dates, stable isotope composition in human teeth enamel and in tree-rings. We specifically discuss the various proxies (model, database, and transfer function) and their application for reconstructing climate and environmental variables including temperature, drought and isotopic composition of precipitation. We focus on the climate variability of Europe during the Little Ice Age. We also show an application to the reconstruction of human mobility in Northern Europe.
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