A Computer-Assisted Tree-Ring Chronology Composition System

TitleA Computer-Assisted Tree-Ring Chronology Composition System
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsEngle, JB
AdvisorSchowengerdt, R
Academic DepartmentElectrical and Computer Engineering
UniversityUniversity of Arizona

The design and implementation of a computer-assisted tree-ring chronology composition system for dendrochronology is described in this thesis. Methods for tree-ring growth sequence pattern matching, hierarchical composition of master chronologies, and analytical quality control are discussed in detail and systematically implemented in the CROSSDATE program in a highly visual, graphic environment. The objective of this work is to provide dendrochronologists with a robust set of tools for comparing the relative growth patterns of tree-ring samples for purposes of dating the samples and composing new master chronologies from individual tree-ring samples and other master chronologies. This system is complementary to the TREES program, a computer-vision based tree-ring identification and measurement system developed at the University of Arizona.