Dendrochronological Software and Data Sources

Dendrochronologists use a wide variety of computer software applications to conduct their research. Information on where to find descriptions and links to common software packages and online databases can be found on the Resources page. Only software maintained by the LTRR is listed below. Some programs are not regularly updated. Contact authors for more information.

TRISH: Tree-Ring Integrated System for Hydrology (authors David Meko, Irina Panyushkina, and their University of New Hampshire collaborators)
Online open science tool to reconstruct hydroclimate from tree rings.

Description and link to the tool (html)

DPL - Dendrochronology Program Library (author Richard Holmes)
This classic suite of over 30 data analysis tools was written by the late Richard Holmes. Each program is available as a free executable program, but with no source code. There is no current mechanism to update these programs.

description (html)
PC download (http) | PC download (mirror ftp)
Mac download (http)

Precon 5.1 (author Hal Fritts)
This software analyzes tree-ring responses to climatic variation (dendroclimatology) using a method called response function analysis. Although most of the software is free, graphical output relies on commercially licensed software. Existing users can upgrade to new versions, but new users must buy a run-time license.

description (html)
PC download (html)

Precon 6 (author Hal Fritts)
An updated version of the response function parts of PRECON.

description (text)
PRECON6.exe (PC .exe file)

Treering 2000 and 3.0 (authors Hal Fritts and others)
This is a process model of conifer cambial activity and ring structure.

2000 users manual (PDF and DOC)
PC download (ZIP file, 588kb)

3.0 description (html) | 3.0 instructions (html)
PC download (ftp)

Matlab® Toolbox (author Dave Meko)
This collection of tree-ring analysis and plotting functions requires the commercially licensed software MATLAB®, version 5.3 or later.

description (html)
PC download (ZIP file, 72kb)

Pageplot Using Minitab® (author Paul Sheppard)
This macro file plots time series data, including measurement series with their detrending lines. It requires MINITAB® licensed software.

description (html)
PC download (MAC macro text file, 8kb)

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