Agnese N. Haury Visiting Scholar & Trainee Fellowship

The Haury Fellowship program is now open for applications for September 2024May 2026. 

Applications should be emailed to fellowships@ltrr.arizona.edu by May 15, 2024.

The Haury Fellowship program* is supported by a designated endowment that serves to promote research collaborations with the faculty, staff, and students at the LTRR, as well as to foster dendrochronological training of scientists and students from anywhere in the world. Visitors/trainees may be graduate students, postdoctoral fellows or established scientists. Special attention will be given to applications pertaining to archaeology, but all areas of dendrochronology will receive full consideration.

Fellowships typically last up to one or two months for visits starting in September 2024 through May 2026. Support is provided to cover or offset travel costs to Tucson, Arizona, and also may offset living expenses during the fellow's period of residence. Our Agnese Nelms Haury Fund was generously established in 1994. Since this time, the growth of dendrochronology across the globe and increases in travel and living expenses lead us to conservatively distribute the Fellowship funds to support a larger number of visits, considering estimated need, and fostering diversity, equity and inclusion. For example, an established scholar employed in a higher income country is suggested to limit the proposed budget to travel and offsetting accommodation expenses perhaps in conjunction with support from own institution, whereas a student applicant from a lower income country would receive greater priority to have travel, housing and living expenses/food more fully covered by the Haury Fellowship. As a guide to budgeting, recent approved amounts ranged between $1000 – $5000 (plus coverage of normal visa expenses / processing via the University of Arizona). Please note that the fellowship is reimbursement based.

To apply, contact a faculty member at the LTRR to develop a plan which outlines goals of training and/or collaboration and an approximate schedule for the visit. (For a list of faculty and descriptions of research areas see: https://ltrr.arizona.edu/people/faculty.)

Applications should include a cover letter stating the purpose and goals of the visit to LTRR, an approximate schedule, the name(s) of LTRR faculty, staff and/or students that you will collaborate with, your curriculum vitae, and a proposed budget.

Applications should be emailed to fellowships@ltrr.arizona.edu by May 15, 2024 for full consideration.

* Please note that the University of Arizona provides several other awards and fellowships in Agnese Haury's name and generously supported by her and her estate. This call refers to the “Agnese N. Haury Visiting Scholar & Trainee Fellowship” housed in the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research recognizing her unwavering support of tree-ring research and its applications in especially archaeological, but also ecological & environmental sciences.