Eine jahrringanalytische Studie zum Nadelbaumsterben in der Schweiz

TitleEine jahrringanalytische Studie zum Nadelbaumsterben in der Schweiz
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsSchweingruber, FH, Kontic, R, Winkler-Seifert, A
Series TitleBerichte Rapports
Date Published08/1983
InstitutionEidgenossische Anstalt fur das Forstliche Versuchswesen
Keywordsclimate, damages, environment, fir, growth, growth reduction, pollution, Switzerland, tree ring

Application of annual ring analysis in investigations of conifer die-back in Switzerland

Obviously unhealthy confiders show abrupt tree-ring growth reductions which are datable without measurements. By investigation of large amount of samples on different sites in Switzerland we calculated the areal distribution of damaged trees and the damage occurrence within time. Geographical distribution and time patterns yield to relations between climatic and pollution events. The heavy damages on fir started in Switzerland 1956. Approximately 75% of all firs in Switzerland's central plateau show growth reductions. Local damages exist in the Rhone-valley since 1920.


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This edition of the reports is from the Swiss Federal Institute of Forestry Research.