Interactive Tree Stump Exhibit

We are thrilled to announce our newest hands-on Tree Stump exhibit that will delight visitors of all ages. Created by Michael Lee of Leeway Arts, this interactive Tree Stump incorporates the following features:

  • A tactile cross section top with fifty rings;
  • A hidden flip that lifts to reveal bark beetle galleries;
  • A core sample that pulls out to showcase rings inside the tree; 
  • Fire scar on the front face of the tree stump; and 
  • A panel that reveals beneath the bark the xylem and cambium.

Bark Beetle Galleries beneath the Bark

A flap lifts out to reveal bark beetle galleries beneath the bark.

Core Samples

Bark Beetle Galleries

Bark beetle galleries on the wood surface under the bark flap.

This exhibit was made possible through the generous donation of Larry and Susan Allen.

General view of the tree stump exhibit.