Practical Dendroclimatology

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GEOS 497I / 597I
Course Category:
Intensive Summer Session Courses
Both Undergraduate and Graduate
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Summer Pre-Session
Ramzi Touchan,
David M. Meko
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Course Description

Dendroclimatology will place tree rings as natural archives of climate fluctuation in the context of interannual to millennial fluctuations in climate, and of other sources of evidence. The development of tree-ring records for use in the development of climate reconstructions, and the testing and use of such reconstructions will be covered by a mixture of lectures, discussions, practical exercises and student presentations.

In this course, the participants will be introduced to techniques of dendrochronology and dendroclimatology and conduct practical training sessions in the techniques.  Courses will be based at the LTRR ( with a field trip to the Santa Catalina Mountains. Lectures will be presented by the instructors of the course and other leading scientists. Course readings are drawn primarily from the published literature. Classes are designed for graduate students as well as faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and working professionals with suitable backgrounds. Undergraduates who are interested in the course should have suitable background in statistic in order to register.  Contact the course instructor whose email is listed below for prerequisites.