Rivers Illustrated

Rivers Illustrated

Welcome to Rivers Illustrated, an art show celebrating rivers in the American West


Artist Dr. Emily Iskin is also a fluvial geomorphologist, which means that she study how rivers create and maintain modern landscapes. Through her work as a scientist, she has gained a deep respect for river corridors and in these pieces Emily is using art to communicate science.


Rivers are a universal feature in our environment. Almost everyone has an experience of a river, whether that’s swimming, whitewater rafting, or flyfishing, and we all benefit from the ecosystem services they provide. They filter, store, and carry freshwater all over the world. They provide habitat for innumerable plants and animals. They play key roles in the carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycles, and they are beautiful places to visit and enjoy.


The goal of Rivers Illustrated is to provide you with a visual representation of what rivers might have looked like before modern society impacted them – not only to encourage protection of the ones that are left, but to give you an idea of what they could be again through conservation and restoration. My hope is that you are inspired to spend more time enjoying rivers near you while thinking about ways you can protect and restore these vital systems. Please enjoy.


This exhibit was prepared in collaboration with Ellen Wohl at Colorado State University and funded by American Geophysical Union Sharing Science. The accompanying descriptions were translated into Spanish by the Colorado State University Spanish Department. Prints and more are available for order.

For more information, please contact me through my website: https://emilyiskin.myportfolio.com/.