Trees: A Community Art Project

Snow on Ponderosa Pine
Pamela Pelletier, LTRR
Snow Falling on Ponderosa Pines


A collaboration by the Center for Creative Photography and the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research.

We invite you visit the Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Building Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9AM-5PM, to explore "Trees: A Community Art Project" on display January 31 - July 23, 2022. Members of the community were invited to submit stories, images, or ideas that trees inspired. 


We also invite you to visit the exhibit "trees stir in the their leaves" at the Center for Creative Photography, an installation that follow historical, cultural, and scientific narratives inspired by trees.  This exhibit creates a multilayered experience with photography and dendrochronology (the study of annual rings in trees) in CCP’s Alice Chaiten Baker Interdisciplinary Gallery. You can learn more about this exhibit here.


To complement the installations, the Center’s mobile app, CCP Interactive, offers a guided tour of campus trees along the walk between CCP and LTRR. Designed by the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum, the mobile tour provides a lived experience of the aesthetic, scientific, and cultural connections between people and trees. The tour is also available in printed and mobile formats through the Campus Arboretum website here.