Current Students

An updated Graduate Student Handbook has been compiled by the faculty and staff for your convenience. Please consult this resource often.

The faculty and staff of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (LTRR) welcome you to the University of Arizona. This introductory information packet has been prepared for your convenience. If you do not see answers to your questions about the Lab and its members, please stop by the Main Office front desk or consult a LTRR faculty advisor.

Remember, information in this packet is provided as a courtesy, and procedures may be updated more frequently than this packet, so always double-check. Ultimately, you are responsible for your education and actions.


The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research is an interdisciplinary research unit in the College of Science ( As the LTRR does not grant or host a degree, affiliation is, typically, in addition to your home department or program. Typically, student affiliation means that at least one LTRR staff or faculty member (including our core faculty, joint appointed faculty, or adjunct faculty) is serving in some advisory or supervisory capacity for that student. It is not necessary to “work with wood” to be affiliated with the LTRR.

Affiliation with the LTRR is a privilege, and with privilege comes responsibility.

You are responsible to the LTRR and to your home department or program; so you should consider this “academic dual citizenship”.

Academic Advising

Because the LTRR does not grant degrees, and the requirements vary substantially from one degree program to another, students should learn the programmatic requirements of their degree programs directly from academic advisors and coordinators within their home departments.  Of course, LTRR faculty advisors also play a key role in elective course selection for a student’s degree program, as well as other academic matters.

The LTRR does, however, offer a “Graduate Certificate in Dendrochronology,” which can be earned independently of or in conjunction with the pursuit of a graduate degree (see for more details). Departmental guidance is provided to students pursuing this course of study, but is limited to the Graduate Certificate.

Courses Offered

View typical courses offered by LTRR faculty to decide which classes appeal to your interests.

A two-year plan of courses typically taught through GEOS (including many LTRR classes) can be found here.

Student Awards

The Douglass, Schulman, and Bristlecone Awards are given to LTRR students.