Educator Resources

The UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research is in the process of building our educational resources page to better serve the needs of educators, and have posted a few items below.

We are happy to provide additional educational materials for all audiences, and encourage you to contact our Director of Outreach directly for materials and resources while we are in the process of updating our site:

Contact: Pamela Pelletier:  OR 520.621.0984

The Study of Tree Rings

Learn about tree rings, the science of dendrochronology, and try techniques for yourself.

Tree-Ring Basics

Learn basic information about the study of tree rings.

Try Crossdating Online

The "Try Crossdating Yourself!" online tutorial, teaches you the basic technique of crossdating using the "skeleton plot" method.


Print Tree-Ring Exercises

Obtain instructional exercises that help novices and experts hone their crossdating skills. Try a range of difficulties and applications.