Sky Island Investigators: Where Students Become Scientists

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 12:00 to 12:30
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Pamela Pelletier
LTRR/Sky Island Science Investigators
Margaret Evans
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We offer a diverse variety of science field classes – on the UA Campus at the Bryant Bannister Tree Ring Building, at Tumamoc Hill, and at field sites in the Catalina Mountains - where students learn that science is a dynamic process of gathering and evaluating information. We adapt our innovative approach to work with teachers and students of all ages and grade levels, depending on the needs of your students.

This outreach program is innovative in that schoolchildren become the scientists, not just learn about scientific concepts. We want to make science accessible and relevant to the general public.

Our programs include:
•         Dendrochronology Classes (K-12)
•         Ecology, Geology, and Archaeology Classes (4th-12 grades) at Tumamoc Hill
•         Class visits to the Laboratory of Tree-Ring
•         Jr. Docents program