Tree Ring Day 2022

Wednesday, March 23, 2022 - 09:00 to 14:30
Room: Contact:
Richie Thaxton and Katie Portman

This event will be held at the ENR2 Building, located at 1064 E. Lowell Street. 

Join us in celebrating everything tree rings!


Location: Zoom and ENR2 S215
     Zoom Link: TBD

9:00 — Opening Remarks
9:10 — Published Paper Presentations

  • Julie Edwards: The origin of tree-ring reconstructed summer cooling in Northern Europe during the 18th century eruption of Laki
  • Kinzie Bailey: Water use strategies between two co-occurring woody species in a riparian area: Naturally occurring willow, Salix exigua, and expanding juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, in central Montana
  • Diana Zamora-Reyes: Enhanced winter, spring, and summer hydroclimate variability across California from 1940 to 2019

10:00 — 10-minute Break
10:10 — Graduate Student Lightning Talks

  • David Edge: Northeast Pacific radiocarbon variability from the rings of Pacific geoduck (Zoom)
  • Anabel Winitsky: Initial assessments of whiplash response in the tree-ring record of the High Sierra Nevada
  • Richie Thaxton: TBA
  • Jonathan King: Reconstructing the Southern Annular Mode by assimilating drought atlases and a global proxy network
  • Brandon Strange: TBA
  • Nick Baumann: The Cycloscope of Andrew Ellicott Douglass
  • Katie Portman: TBA

11:00 — 10-minute Break

Location: ENR2 Rooftop and N604
     Zoom Link:

11:10 — Lunch, Remarks by David Frank, and LTRR Award Ceremony
12:00 — Tree Ring Talk Live-Stream 
     Zoom Link:
1:10 — Speed Dating: A Race to Cross-Date Tree Ring Samples!
2:00 — Closing Remarks

LTRR After Hours

4:00 — LTRR/SNRE Happy Hour at Boxyard
5:00 — Earthweek Trivia