WISDOM OF THE RINGS: The living journals of Trees

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024 - 12:00 to 13:00
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Lorraine Roy
Art Textiles
Pamela Pelletier
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Everywhere in the natural world, circles, spirals and rings frame integral structures that support, envelop and unveil animate and inanimate entities. These sinuous forms call to mind the slow rhythm of a heartbeat, the concentric waves of a stone dropped in water, or the meditative effect of walking a labyrinth. They also echo how early memory is stored within our own psyches, perhaps buried but never lost beneath subsequent layers of experience. 

In the same way, tree rings record much more than seasonal fluctuations in the life of a tree: they are living journals of the unfolding environment. Artist and horticulturalist Lorraine Roy illustrates the many ways that tree rings tell stories of this endurance and commitment. In this presentation she will speak about how tree rings record a forest's history, the relevance of tree ring research for environmental protection, and the personal and cultural lessons they teach us. The talk will be illustrated with entrancing images from her collections, and discussion of her various textile techniques.