Instructional Crossdating Exercises


These exercises will benefit students, educators, and experiences dendrochronologists alike. They are intended as crossdating practice, and will help familiarize you with the concepts (see basics page) and techniques (see online skeleton plotting exercise) you have already read about. The only way you can truly become proficient at crossdating is to actually crossdate real wood.

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general instructions for all exercises (HTML)
Crossdating Cheat Sheet
explanation of wood-marking conventions
web GIF (22KB) or PDF (40KB)
Graph Paper
printable paper: UNR site (non-LTRR)
free Acrobat® Reader®

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Methuselah Walk Bristlecone Pine
crossdate the oldest trees in the world
exercise (PDF, 416KB)
Pine Tree House
crossdate archaeological ruins
exercise (PDF, 393KB)

Extra Materials

Wood Reference
chart for species identification of common southwestern wood samples
web GIF (20KB) or PDF (46KB)
Blank Data Sheet
PDF (32KB)