Dendro Intensive Summer Courses (DISC) - May 2018

Friday, December 1, 2017


The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (LTRR) is offering three (3) summer courses in dendrochronology, focusing on Dendroclimatology, Dendroecology, and Dendroarchaeology. Classes will convene for three weeks from May 14th - June 1st, 2018 at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

These intensive courses will introduce students to theory, laboratory and field techniques, and current research in each subfield. Courses will be based at the LTRR on the UA campus, and will include a multi-day field trip to sites in the Southwest region. Lectures will be presented by course instructors and other leading scientists. Course readings are drawn primarily from the published literature.

Classes are designed for graduate students as well as faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and working professionals, who want to learn about the fundamentals of dendrochronology and its applications. Undergraduates who are interested in the dendroecology course should have suitable background in ecology, and undergraduates who are interested in the dendroclimatology course should have basic background in statistics. Contact the course instructor whose email is listed below for prerequisites.

People who are interested to extend their knowledge of dendrochronology and its research applications, have found these intensive courses a useful means to add an important skillset to their professional career.


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