Bristlecone pines in The New Yorker magazine

Friday, January 24, 2020


Matt Salzer of the LTRR talks to Alex Ross of the New Yorker during the Schulman Grove fieldwork.
Photo: Tom De Mil, Ghent University, Belgium

The New Yorker magazine has published an article on bristlecone pines by one of their regular columnists, Alex Ross, in which various researchers from the LTRR feature prominently. Matt Salzer helped guide Ross through Schulman Grove in the visit described in the article. Ross subsequently interviewed him back at his office in the Bannister Building, where he explained the background of several bristlecone samples, then was joined by Charlotte Pearson, who explained the importance of bristlecone pine tree-ring chronologies for the pioneering calibration of the radiocarbon timescale, and to her own recent work on annual-resolution radiocarbon calibration. The article also mentions Tom De Mil, then a postdoctoral researcher at the LTRR, and earlier bristlecone research by Malcolm Hughes, Tom Harlan, and Edmund Schulman.