Pamela Pelletier

Community Planner


I’m an Arizona native, having moved to Tucson for my undergraduate degree in 1997. I have been the Community Outreach Professional at the University of Arizona (UA) since 2008, working first at Tumamoc Hill and then Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (since 2013). I oversee all Outreach programming, including organizing and implementing LTRR tours including managing and training a cohort of volunteer docents; leading the development and implementation of community educational programing for PreK-12 and university students; upholding a vibrant social media presence including developing content, and planning and implementing new exhibits including art-science collaborations, and assisting departmental and college leadership with marketing and communications.

My PhD was in Arid Lands Resource Sciences, minoring in Art and Visual Communication Education (AVCE) and Science Journalism. I believe teaching science through visualization, art and creative expression can help members of the public understand science more effectively. My research focus is on novel approaches integrating art and science communication to increase scientific literacy and understanding. I am a strong supporter of diverse social justice practices, equity within Arizona classrooms and STEM opportunities for marginalized communities.