Valerie Trouet


UA Distinguished Scholar

My primary research focus is climatic variability over the last ~2,000 years and its impact on human systems and forest ecosystems. Amongst a range of related topics, my research team uses tree rings to reconstruct (1) atmospheric circulation patterns ,  (2) extreme climate events, including wildfire, and (3) the terrestrial carbon cycle.  Innovative aspects of my research include multi-proxy approaches (i.e., combining tree-ring data with other high-resolution proxies and documentary data) and synchronization with the approaches used by climate process and modeling experts (e.g., reconstruction of the North Atlantic and North Pacific Jet stream). I cover all of these topics in a broad audience book about tree rings, climate history, and human history. Tree Story: The History of the World Written in Rings will be published by Johns Hopkins University Press in April 2020. You can find more info about my research and my research team at