The primary mission of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research is to remain in the forefront of world dendrochronology through the use of tree rings as natural chronometers and recorders of change in the environment with which human society is inescapably linked. The Laboratory makes significant contributions to understanding natural environmental variability in climatic, hydrologic, geomorphic, and ecological systems.

We are committed to promoting public awareness (and understanding) of science and making informal contributions to science education. As part of our Outreach program, we strive to inspire new connections and nurture existing connections among our community, which includes visitors to and residents of Tucson, and the K-12 educators and students communities.

Science Education Classroom Visits & Lab Tours

Our staff, students and faculty spend many hours each year visiting schools and community organizations. Outreach activities can include scientists visiting schools, giving talks at assemblies, discussions with students, or participation in events such as career fairs and science and technology camps.We also offer building and lab tours to K-12 schools by appointment. Additionally, we offer classroom visits with a focus on dendrochronology. Please email Pamela Pelletier at pamela@email.arizona.edu or call (520) 621.0984.

For information about our docent-led tours of the Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Building, click here.

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