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The sites I've included here do not constitute an endorsement of any kind. My hope is that these resources could streamline your selection. At least a little. There is, of course, GOOGLE (or your preferred search engine). 

Home/Room rentals

Their are a number of home/room rental opportunities around campus. This site has a ranking of Tucson Airbnb locations. Other home rentals can be found here


The University of Arizona has this list. The University Inn is also an option - cheap and close by.  


Some of you may find places where you're close enough to walk. For the rest of you: Tucson is generally known as a bicycle-friendly city.  If you have access to a bike, I would highly recommend using this as your mode of transportation. The weather is perfect for either walking or cycling! Or, you can try out our newly-minted streetcar. Unfortunately, it has somewhat limited coverage.  The city bus, by far, has the most extensive coverage.  


Some AIRBNB rentals have bikes that are included in the package.  Otherwise, I recommend this place for renting a basic (and cheap!) bike: BICAS.  It's an awesome community bike organization.  I'm not sure how large their "fleet" is but definitely worth checking out.   

Go here for bike route maps


Go here for route map

Go here for streetcar homepage 

City bus

Go here for route map

Go here for city bus homepage 


This UA website has specific information about food availability (restaurants, convenience stores, cafes, etc.) on campus. Here is another resource for places in and around the University.

Tucson has some awesome restaurants. This is a decent source for some of those places.