Outreach Event

B2 Science Academy Visit

This is a special event for visitors enrolled in the B2 Science Academy.

Retired Educators Tour

This is a private tour scheduled for retired educators and led b docent Randall Smith.

Tumamoc Field Class

Pamela Pelletier will be presenting at Tumamoc Hill. This is a special learning module presented to St. Cyril 6th graders, which will introduce the basic tenets of ecology. This class is the Species, Slope, and Soil class.

Blue Chip Interphase Tour

This is a tour designed for the Blue Chip Interphase Group. The group will gather in the lobby of the Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Building at 3:50pm to begin the one hour tour at 4pm. For more information please contact Pamela Pelletier via pamela@email.arizona.edu  or 520.621.0984. Docents and Haury Scholars are welcome to contact Pamela Pelletier in advance if they would like to shadow this tour to learn more about the lab. 

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