Public Lecture Event

Climate dynamics during the Medieval Climate Anomaly

Two millennial-length hydroclimatic proxy records from close to the centers of action of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) indicate that the Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA) was characterized by a pervasive positive phase of the NAO. Supplementary Proxy Surrogate reconstructions based on climate model results and proxy data indicate a clear shift to weaker NAO conditions into the Little Ice Age (LIA). Multidecadal NAO variability results in synoptic-scale shifts in surface pressure, wind fields, and precipitation.

Tree-Ring Day

A Gathering for Tree-ring Lab Faculty, Staff, Students, and Friends.

Food and Refreshments provided (breakfast & lunch).

Come learn about the exciting research being conducted at the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research. Short presentations by faculty, students, and staff will keep you current on research involving tree-ring data in archaeology, ecology, climate, pollution, hydrology, and all aspects of Dendrochronology.

Trees, Climate, and History: What tree rings can tell us about European history, its climatic drivers, and how it is linked to the Southwest

In climate change research, tree ring data can be used to reconstruct regional- to global-scale climate variability, but also to investigate the atmospheric circulation patterns driving this variability.  Furthermore, tree ring records provide an important tool to quantify the impacts of climatic variability and change on terrestrial ecosystem dynamics.

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