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At the crossroads: how tree-ring reconstructions can shape policy to protect vulnerable communities in the Colorado Basin

Tree-Ring Talks Seminar

Wednesday, October 4 at Noon, MST


Please join us for a presentation by Dr. George Rhee on "At the crossroads: how tree-ring-reconstructions can shape policy to protect vulnerable communities in the Colorado Basin" in Bannister 110 or via zoom.



Photosynthetic carbon isotope discrimination in trees: observations, predictions, and drivers

Abstract: Under elevated CO2, photosynthetic carbon isotope discrimination is expected to increase in response to photosynthesis stimulation driven by the growth of atmospheric CO2. While this response is widely documented in laboratory, field experiments and short-term observations, long-term proxies indicate that such response is not universally observed in forested ecosystems.

Tree-Ring Talk** Welcome Back Event

Join us for the Kickoff event for the Autumn 2023 Tree-Ring Talk series. 


Email for Zoom link (or visit Bannister Building Room 110 for live presentation).

Impact of persistent droughts on forests in Mediterranean Chile

Global warming is concurrently associated with a rise in occurrences of drought episodes in numerous regions worldwide, with central Chile a sad example. This region is the only Mediterranean bioregion of South America, which is considered a biodiversity hotspot due to high endemism levels and high anthropic pressure. These ecosystems since 2010 have been impacted by a period of below-average rainfall, a so-called Mega Drought (MD), so their contribution to the regional carbon sink is at risk.

Tour for students of UA Global Health Institute

Join us for our free docent-led tour at 10AM in the lobby of the Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Building (1215 E. Lowell St.).

Visitors will be introduced to the basic tenets of dendrochronology and have a chance to examine specimens.

Space is limited and reservations are required. Please email sends e-mail).

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