Bannister 110

Tree-Ring Day

11–11:40am Tours (lasting 20 minutes).

Noon — Lunch.

1pm — Charlotte Pearson

River oaks from the Orasje region of Croatia/Bosnia — a new paleoenvironmental resource.

1:10pm — Ben Bellorado

Dating building murals in the Western Mesa Verde area with tree-rings: reconstructing ancient social interaction networks in the Southwest.

1:20pm — Marcy Reiser

On the way to Hardluck: dendroarchaeology in a post-fire environment.

1:30pm — Greer Dove Flax

Photography and the Pueblo chronology.

Adaptation to environmental variation in short-lived organisms: what can tree rings tell us?

Organismal survival can depend on response to environmental variation.  Several modes of response to environmental variation have been documented, including adaptive tracking, adaptive phenotypic plasticity and the evolution of so-called “bet hedging” traits.  I present empirical evidence that short-lived organisms, including the monocarpic herb, Lobelia inflata (Campanulaceae), adapt to environmental variation.  Genetic population differentiation among traits of five eastern North American populations of L.

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