Bannister 110

Present and Future dendrochronological research in Lebanon.

The presentation will be an overview of Lebanon topography, climate, and forest types. It will discuss the different biop-climatic zones and forest types and species found in these zones. The forest products, services, and decline it will also be discussed. Finally, the presentation will focus on past, present, and future dendrochronological research in Lebanon.

Docent Training

The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research is looking for docents to:

  • Share the lab’s rich history with the public
  • Give guided tours of the new building
  • Provide short demonstrations

Register in advance to Pamela Pelletier at 520-248-9933 or

Rotary Club meeting & boxed meal

Local Rotary Club will meet in BBTRB multi-purpose room 110 for an evening meal and a short talkand tour of the the Tree-Ring Lab.

Archaeology of “Empty Spaces” in the Southern Andes

The highlands of SW Bolivia, NW Argentina, and N Chile are the most arid part of the Andes. In this area, opportunities for human settlement concentrate in deep river valleys, piedmont oases, and to the lowest basins of the Altiplano (highplateau). This environmental structure has resulted in a long-term pattern of discontinuous settlement, with relatively small populations concentrated in favorable areas, separated by vast expanses of unpopulated mountain heights and deserts.

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