Bannister 110

Large contribution from anthropogenic warming to an emerging North American megadrought

Over the past two decades much of western North America experienced persistent drought with little to no respite. Consequences were widespread, including declines in river flow and reservoir storage, over-extraction of ground water, explosion of forest-fire activity, and massive bark beetle outbreaks. Water-balance calculations make clear that 2000–2018 was easily the driest 19-year period in the past century. To what degree if at all is human-caused climate change responsible and what is the future trajectory of water supply in western North America?

Woody Species Responses to Extreme Living Conditions: An ongoing PhD story

Woody species distributions and health status strongly depend on their capacity to cope with variable environmental conditions. Such environmental conditions can be, or might become, extreme both in terms of long-term environmental setting (e.g., at the species distribution limit) and short-term events (e.g., drought). My PhD research aims to provide insights on woody species responses to extreme conditions, linking dendrochronology, dendroanatomy and ecophysiology.

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