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PDF icon Ferguson_Interim Report on the Dendrochronology of Bristlecone Pine Prior to 4,000 B.C._1966.pdf (2.65 MB)
PDF icon Ferguson_Interim Progress Report Dendrochronology of Bristlecone Pine_1968.pdf (3.19 MB)
Webb, GE. 1978. The Infatigable Astronomer. The Journal Of Arizona History. The Journal Of Arizona History.
PDF icon Douglas, AE_Indications of a Rainy Period in Southern Peru_1892.pdf (3.22 MB)
PDF icon Douglass, AE_Indicaciones sobre un periodo Iluvioso en el Sur del Peru_1892.pdf (4.51 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1907. The Illusions Of Vision And The Canals Of Mars. Popular Science Monthly. Popular Science Monthly.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_The Illusions of Vision and the Canals of Mars_1907.pdf (11.87 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1900. A Hypothesis Regarding The Surface Markings Of Jupiter. Popular Astronomy (No. 79). Popular Astronomy .
PDF icon Douglass, AE_A Hypothesis Regarding the Surface Markings of Jupiter_1900.pdf (4.03 MB)
Funston, CM, and AE Douglass. 1895. How Tall We Are. Coconino Sun. Coconino Sun.
PDF icon History of Droughts in Washington State_1977.pdf (45.75 MB)
Tunnicliff, Brock Matthew. 1975. The Historical Potential Of Snowfall As A Water Resources In Arizona. School Of Renewable Natural Resources. School Of Renewable Natural Resources. University of Arizona.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_Historical Address_1923.pdf (6.29 MB)