Tree-ring data in collaborative forest management

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020 - 12:00 to 13:00
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Dr. Peter Brown
Director and President of Rocky Mountain Tree-Ring Research
Ramzi Touchan and Ann Lynch
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Public land management agencies in the US have been shifting from top-down, command-and-control governance to models based on collaborative input from a variety of stakeholders. Stakeholder collaborative groups increasingly help define and prioritize land management policy and direction, assist in project implementation, and provide learning through adaptive monitoring efforts. Collaborative governance is increasingly seen as a means to build greater and more robust adaptive capacity of social, economic, and ecological systems, especially in the face of future impacts on ecosystems from climate change, increasingly severe wildfires and other disturbances, and human land use. In this talk, I outline how evidence of historical ranges of variability in fire and forest histories derived largely from dendroecological data sets have provided a crucial scientific foundation for collaborative governance in forests of the Front Range in Colorado. These efforts are directed primarily at reducing the ecological and social impacts of wildfires in montane forests where much of the wildland-urban interface is found, and that was historically characterized by frequent, low-intensity wildfires. I also provide examples from Mongolia and China of how models for collaborative governance based on dendroecological data are starting to be used within the context of current social, ecological, and economic realities.