Tree-Ring Day

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Monday, March 29, 2021 - 10:30 to 14:30
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Join us for a series of public talks by our graduate students!


10:30 — Opening Remarks (David Frank)
10:45 — Live 3-minute Lightning Talks

  • Courtney Giebink: Improved growth predictions of a forest management tool by incorporating tree rings
  • Richard Thaxton: Tree rings, The Yenisei River, and understanding a warming Arctic
  • Dave Edge: Volcanoes and sunspots: North Pacific SSTs in the Dalton Minimum
  • Julie Edwards: Tree ring wood anatomy in Sweden after the 1783–1784 CE Laki eruption
  • Kinzie Bailey: Biodome!!!
  • Talia Anderson: Regional & local climate responses in a Central American tree-ring chronology network
  • Diana Zamora-Reyes: Exo and tree rings
  • Erana Taylor: Cascading Effects of topography on human land use and fire regimes in the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains
  • Jonathan King: Assimilating the Southern Annular Mode using drought atlases and a global proxy network
  • Anabel Winitsky: A short history of evolving tree-ring research on the Colorado River

11:45 — Break
12:00 — Lunch/Trivia/Awards
1:20 — Break
1:30 — Current gaps

  • Fundamentals (30 min)
  • Frontiers (30 min)