Creating more culturally engaging and inclusive environments in STEM

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022 - 12:00 to 13:00
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Heather Heager, Research Director, STEM Learning Center
University of Arizona
Margaret Evans & Dave Meko
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The lack of diversity in STEM professions is an ongoing concern for the US both in terms of social justice and in having a globally competitive workforce. This session will present a framework for thinking about diversity and inclusion in STEM courses and in research environments, and provides research and information for faculty, graduate students, and campus leaders to be proactive in considering a wide array of identities to meet the needs of students beyond attending to structural forms of diversity. Data from a large-scale, multi-institution study of students' perceptions of inclusive coursework and institutional commitment to diversity in STEM fields furthers what we know about diversity in these majors. Results encourage educators and researchers to additionally consider sexual orientation and disability status in conversations about diversity, to think about how culturally engaging and inclusive courses go beyond the content of the course, and about how to create more inclusive research environments.