Tree-Ring Talk

From sticks to sawdust — expanding the linear aggregate growth model to project future tree growth

Investigating climate sensitivity of large-scale forest tree growth and projecting climate change impacts on said growth requires representative data. In this talk, I wrap up my two years as a Postdoc at the LTRR and show the importance of the U.S. Forest Service's tree-ring dataset to correctly represent climate sensitivity of three common species in the U.S. Southwest.

Making the most of your mentoring opportunities

This is an encore of a talk given annually for many years at the Fall Graduate Student Orientation at the University of Arizona.  It covers the roles of mentors, how to find and choose mentors, expectations and responsibilities on both sides of the mentor-mentee relationship, and strategies for a successful mentoring experience (including suggestions for effective communication, avoiding mentoring pitfalls, and maintaining an ethical mentoring milieu).

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