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Douglass, AE. 1900. The Missing November Meteor. The Coconino Sun. The Coconino Sun.
Douglass, AE. 1914. A Method Of Estimating Rainfall By The Growth Of Trees. Bulletin Of The American Geographic Society XLVI. Bulletin Of The American Geographic Society.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_A Method of Estimating Rainfall by the Growth of Trees_1914.pdf (14.44 MB)
Guiot, Joel. 1981. Mathamatical Analysis Of Geophysical Data. Université catholique de Louvain.
Douglass, AE. 1907. Is Mars Inhabited?. The Harvard Illustrated Magazine Vol. VIII (No. 6). The Harvard Illustrated Magazine.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_ Is Mars Inhabited_1907.pdf (2.93 MB)
PDF icon Douglass, AE_Mars_1899.pdf (6.24 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1898. The Markings On Venus. Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society LVIII (No. 78). Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_The Markings on Venus_1898.pdf (4.08 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1897. The Lowell Observatory In Mexico. Popular Astronomy. Popular Astronomy.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_The Lowell Observatory in Mexico_1897.pdf (2.59 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1885. The Lowell Observatory And Its Work. Popular Astronomy. Popular Astronomy.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_The Lowell Observatory and Its Work_1895.pdf (4.48 MB)
Shao, Xuemei. 1986. Long-Term Climatic Changes In Western Europe And East Asia. Geology And Geography. Geology And Geography. University of Massachusetts.
Jueneman, Frederic A. 1972. A Little Game Of Rings And Things. Industrial Research. Industrial Research.
Ames, Martha Hyde. 1972. Las Trampas, New Mexico: Dendrochronology Of A Spanish Colonial Church. Department Of Geosciences. Department Of Geosciences. Tucson: University of Arizona.
PDF icon Ames, Martha Hyde_ Las Trampas, New Mexico; Dendrochronology of a Spanish Colonial Church_1972.pdf (52.99 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1892. La Inundacion De 1868. El Cosmos. El Cosmos.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_La inundacion de 1868_1892.pdf (1.97 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1931. La Chronologie Des Pueblos. Revue Archaeologique. Revue Archaeologique.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_ La Chronologie Des Pueblos_1931.pdf (6.31 MB)