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Douglass, AE. 1898. The Markings On Venus. Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society LVIII (No. 78). Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_The Markings on Venus_1898.pdf (4.08 MB)
PDF icon Douglass, AE_Mars_1899.pdf (6.24 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1907. Is Mars Inhabited?. The Harvard Illustrated Magazine Vol. VIII (No. 6). The Harvard Illustrated Magazine.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_ Is Mars Inhabited_1907.pdf (2.93 MB)
Guiot, Joel. 1981. Mathamatical Analysis Of Geophysical Data. Université catholique de Louvain.
Douglass, AE. 1914. A Method Of Estimating Rainfall By The Growth Of Trees. Bulletin Of The American Geographic Society XLVI. Bulletin Of The American Geographic Society.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_A Method of Estimating Rainfall by the Growth of Trees_1914.pdf (14.44 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1900. The Missing November Meteor. The Coconino Sun. The Coconino Sun.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_Montezumas Well and the Soda Spring, Arizona_1896.pdf (12.91 MB)
Douglass, AE. 1903. A New Almucantar. Popular Astronomy. Popular Astronomy.
PDF icon Douglass, AE_A New Almucantar_1903.pdf (3.28 MB)