Science Kits for Loan

Explore Dendrochronology at Home with our lending kits. The kits are designed for hands-on learning and come with the tools and resources to make learning fun and easy. Each kit can be customized for the student's grade level. 

Introduction to Dendrochronology Kits: Each kit contains 20+ tree cookie cross-sections for learners to explore the basics on dendrochronology.

Wood Sample Identification Kits: These kits are available as a lending kit or as a downloaded activity. Many trees and other woody plants produce growth rings, but not all species and samples are suitable for tree-ring analysis (cross-dating). For some of the samples, the rings may not be clear or the ring growth may not be sensitive (variable) enough for tree-ring applications.  

Dedroclimatology Cores Activity Guide: This advanced kit builds on knowledge from the Introduction to Dendrochronology kits. Students learn about cross-matching, sensitive and complacent trees, and how to build a chronology.

Online Presentation on How to Cross date tree-rings by skeleton plotting.

Online Tree-Ring Basics

Online Instructional Cross-dating Exercises

For more information on how to borrow our free outreach kits, please contact: Pamela Pelletier: sends e-mail)  OR 520.621.0984